Lying at an altitude of about 3,500 feet above sea level in the north-eastern corner of Sarawak is the famous Bario Highland, a Kelabit territory, one of the minority Orang Ulu tribes of Sarawak.  Bario means ‘Wind’ in Kelabit language. (the correct pronunciation is ‘Bariew’).

It is affectionately known as the ‘land of a hundred handshakes’as this is how friendly locals will greet you as you wander around the community.

Bario proper is the gateway to the Kelabit highlands, thanks to its airport and a small network of roads leading to some of the nearby villages. About thirteen villages are located in & around Bario area and Kampung Bario Asal is the first.  This is a must-visit longhouse where one can see the ancient timbers of the unique kitchen darkened by the constant smoke of generations of cooking fires.

Most of the area’s accommodation is found in and around Bario, and it is the main starting point for treks throughout the area. One can go kayaking or immerse in the historical tales of the monoliths that dot the area. The place has incredible organic food such as the famous Bario rice and pineapple. One of their annual events is the internationally known Bario Food Festival also known as ‘Pesta Nukenen’, held in July each year.

For the really adventurous; Bario is either the starting or the ending of the arduous 5/4N Bario-Ba’kelalan jungle trekking adventure.

TIPS: It can get quite chilly in the evening so bring a sweater. Hot water supply is a luxury. Travel light (15kg per person) as you will be weighed in together with your luggage before boarding your flight. Confirm your return journey at the airport upon arrival if you hold a return ticket.

Getting There

You have two options:
Daily flight departure from Miri to Bario via MASWings Twin Otter & about 45mins flight OR

By 4WD will take you on rugged logging road along the terrains from Miri to the Highlands & journey approximately 10-14hrs journey (depends on the road condition & weather).

Bario | 峇里奥









– 每日有航班从美里飞往巴里奥,搭乘飞翼航空的双水獭型飞机,航程需时45分钟。

– 或者搭乘四轮驱动车从美里出发,沿着崎岖的木山路行车,全程耗时10至14小时,胥视天气和路况而定。


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