Malaysian Pepper Board

Malaysian Pepper Board (MPB) is a federal statutory body under the Ministry Of Plantation Industries & Commodities, established on 1st January 2007 under the Malaysian Pepper Board Act 2006.

MPB head office is located at Kuching, with nine branches in Sarawak and two regional offices in Johor Bahru and Kota Kinabalu. The Board is responsible for the development of the Malaysian Pepper Industry in areas of production, marketing and research.

Malaysian Pepper Board is the main organization entrusted by the Malaysian government to undertake intensive research study on pepper (Piper nigrum L.), towards sustainable pepper industry from different disciplines such as Biotechnology, Agronomy, Chemistry and development of value-added pepper products.

Increasing productivity and pepper yield as well as transforming conventional production line from raw material processing to value-added products production.

Function :

  • Conduct research and development activities that will contribute to comprehensive pepper industrial development.
  • Develop facilities and infrastructure to support pepper research and development activities;
  • Develop pepper germplasm centre;
  • Increase downstream activity in pepper industry through development and usage of pepper by-products;
  • Gathering scientific information for clients;
  • Publishing and disseminate scientific information to clients;
  • Providing advisory service and technical advisory service;
  • Supplying quality pepper cultivation material to meet the needs and development of pepper cultivation,and
  • Carry out research activity and development from time to time.

Source: Malaysian Pepper Board

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