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Benefits Of Black Pepper And Its Side Effects

Apart from being a spice agent and a culinary master ingredient, black pepper is also a productive ingredient for the cure and prevention of a lot of health problems. It helps control the blood pressure, heart rate, improves digestion and prevents – acidity, muscle aches and numerous benefits for the skin and hair. It efficiently …

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Pepper Research in Sarawak

Pepper and Pepper Research in Sarawak Pepper, the world’s most widely used spice for food flavouring, is the fruit of the tropical climbing vine Piper nigrum L., native to south-western India. In Sarawak, pepper cultivation dates back to 1856 but more extensive planting started in the 1900s. Today, pepper is one of the important cash …


胡椒曾经叱咤风云,影响全世界! 胡椒原产于印度西南部的马拉巴海岸(Malabar Coast),十五六世纪欧洲人开启了大航海时代,激发人们勇于冒险、热衷于航海的因子,一开始就是为了胡椒。胡椒就等于金银财宝,一磅胡椒可以换一头猪。…


(Malaysian Pepper Board,MPB),是馬來西亞胡椒生產的重要推手。 由於砂拉越是馬來西亞舉足輕重的胡椒生產地,很自然的,大馬胡椒局的主要基也,也就必然設在砂拉越的州首府古晉。。。

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