Bario Lying at an altitude of about 3,500 feet above sea level in the north-eastern corner of Sarawak is the famous Bario Highland, a Kelabit …

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Sarawak Pepper

Benefits Of Black Pepper And Its Side Effects

Apart from being a spice agent and a culinary master ingredient, black pepper is also a productive ingredient for the cure and prevention of a …

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Sarawak Pepper

Pepper Research in Sarawak

Pepper and Pepper Research in Sarawak Pepper, the world’s most widely used spice for food flavouring, is the fruit of the tropical climbing vine Piper nigrum L., native to south-western India. In Sarawak, pepper cultivation dates back to 1856 but more extensive planting started in the 1900s. Today, pepper is one of the important cash …

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