Malaysia to more than double current pepper production & export levels by 2020

Pepper is a booming business in Malaysia. In fact, Malaysia is the world’s fifth largest producer of pepper, producing approximately 22,000 metric tons on average each year. Malaysian pepper is exported to a number of countries around the world.

The majority of it is sent to Japan. Indeed, over 60% of the pepper consumed in Japan comes from Malaysia. Malaysian pepper is also shipped to other countries in Asia, such as China, Korea, and Taiwan, and reaches locations in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand as well.

Traditionally, because the vast majority of Malaysia’s pepper comes from the state of Sarawak, the world has known Malaysian pepper as “Sarawak pepper”.

The Malaysian government has been providing good support for the industry. The production was under the Department of Agriculture some time ago but now they have set up the Malaysian Pepper Board to support the industry as a complete body to look after the industry from production, growing, until marketing and research.

Source: The Prospect Group

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